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Questions: Other Modes

When I play DOTS I usually do Normal mode...
how are other modes..?
I haven't really tried them
thus, like to know if others can make the game much more enjoyable or not..

灵梦我喜欢你啊 发表于 2011-12-15 09:47:38

It is hard to explain that ,English teacher was died early,
but it was easy to understand if youtryin the game,

G_cream 发表于 2011-12-15 10:06:19

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whether they are enjoyable or not all depends on Uself- -but when U play with others normal mode is the best choice for most ones adapt to.

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as far as i know about the current version it has severaly mode you can play following by this

When you enter the game you can choose 5 mode following by the number in front of the mode's name itself

-Normal mode which can pick to see hero state several times and see the enemy hero's picked.

-Normal mode which can pick only one time and can't see the enemy hero's picked

-CM or Captain mode which allow only first player of team 1 and team 2 to 3 bans and 5 chooses on their's teammate heroes.

-Duel Mode which appear only when you have only 1 player on both team, it will use a system rule which count a point from getting tower, leveling to certain level or kill opposite hero.

-All Out Battle is the mode which start with money x 2 and hero with level 4, natural creep only born at the point where you can drag a middle lane creep to them, creep on lane only appear at mid about 2 groups at a time.
    -the exp and money from item in this mode like lunar hairpin and expensive giftbox also the gold per 10sc will really increase at doubles.

Note:following the number of current mode i still never see the third, did the third mode really exist?

when you click and choose you main mode already the game will just about to start and give you a times to choose hero, before that it will have 10sc for you to type an addition mode to add some special thing in current mode

-sp : it's a shift player mode by type this mode all player will randomly shift to another team

-ob : it's an observer mode which change the viewer from both team to become a regular spectator

-rb : it's a random ban mode which will banned 33% of heroes in game and doesn't allow player in game to choose them

-ar : just random all player to choose a randomly one hero from the picking menu.

Note: when you type the text to apply command in anymode you must type them seperately and type only one command at a time.

LimitingBounds 发表于 2012-4-1 11:39:38

CM mode in DotS....Hmmmm.XD

zmcxx 发表于 2012-6-16 09:24:59

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