junws1214 发表于 2012-10-29 04:29:40

Alice's Buff Idea!

1. Doll's HP Buff(about two times) - especially Newengland dolls
2. Damage Buff of Train, Self-destruct, and Rocket - Alice has not enough stun or slow skills. It is reasonable to buff damage and Those are physical damage. even at medium level(11~13), Alice's power is too weak.
3. Doll recruiting speed Buff - too slow. even in level 20, Alice's recruiting speed has 36 second... 36? other character's AOE skill has 3~6 second even longest. QAQ(Alice's Scream)

Even she is supportive character, Alice has not enough stun or slow skills. Because Alice is offensive supporter. But DOLL's LOW HP, and MAIN ATTACK SKILL's WEAK POWER are improper. Alice need to buff exactly I think. Please consider my opinion~ >3<

junws1214 发表于 2012-10-29 04:31:28

   Alice's Buff Idea! -> Buff Idea of Alice. Not Alice's Idea. ^^;
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